Automatic 1st Choice Driving School
Gul Yaz story

Passed first time today with Ed. Absolutely amazing instructor!

Gives you all the confidence you need to pass as well as the driving knowledge too. Would 100% recommend.

Shay Story

Passed first time using Ed, honestly couldn’t of wished for a better instructor! Very helpful and very friendly.

Once again thank you very much!

Lindsey's Story

Ed is absolutely fabulous! I was nervous learning to drive in the UK and having to take the test again after so many years driving in the US. But he made every lesson so relaxed and a great learning environment! You can tell he’s great at adapting to everyone’s learning style which makes it so easy to learn with him!!

I was able to pass my test first time and without any faults!!! I am so grateful and would absolutely recommend him to anyone learning to drive!

Tom's Story

Ed is an awesome driving instructor! When I first started it took some time for me to learn but Ed has always been there helping me through it.

I would totally recommend him to anyone who’s looking for a great driving instructor! Thanks again Ed!

Gina's Story

Patience and confident in his pupils. Helped me to obtain the correct and safe skills for driving in England. Thanks you for all the help Ed! Was awesome!

Chrissie’s story
Thanks to Ed for his patience and fantastic teaching. Gave me the confidence I needed to do my test. I passed first time! Very pleased! toot toot!
Zoe's Story
One of the best instructors highly recommended. Thank you so much for all your help and patience.

Sheryn’s story
Ed's an absolutely fantastic instructor. He's easy going, calm and comfortable to be around, plus patient and knowledgeable with clear cut instructions and useful tips for the exam. highly recommend!!!
Ling's Story

Excellent training and instructor knowledge, friendly throughout the journey of getting through the exam :) will definitely highly recommend!

“40 hour intensive course success resulting in 1st time passes in 2015 for Tyler in Skegness & George in Boston!!” Well done to both of you!!

Debbie’s story

I passed 1st time today with only 2 driver faults! I highly recommend Automatic 1st Choice Driving School....Edd is a top teacher, who got me the results from excellent tuition. A big thank you to Edd.

Karen’s story

Ed is a first class instructor and highly experienced at getting great results, even from nervous or slightly rusty students! Having had a couple of driving instructors in the past and even one 'lose their cool' with me I approached Ed with caution, telling him that I was willing to learn but might be a challenge for him! He was completely unfazed and reassured me that I would be fine… and from the first lesson I knew he was right!

He is always patient, calm, informative and skilled at explaining any 'trouble areas' until you feel happy that you have understood/mastered any given technique. Lessons with Ed always flew by and suddenly I began to look forward to them as driving seemed 'fun' and not a 'butterflies in tummy' inducing ordeal that I had feared/put off. Always on time, excellent value for money and very accommodating in terms of scheduling. Thanks again Ed, I've achieved my goal with your help and now have my freedom and independence!

Alex’s story

Fantastic driving instructor would recommend him to anyone he's patient calm and teaches driving really well showing the best techniques for every situation!, Passed first time with him so highly recommendable!:) Down side supports Chelsea ;)

Cristina story

A BIG massive thank you goes to you ED for all your hard work and effort put in to help me thru my journey of learning to drive. You have been a great instructor and a first class proffessional. I have been a challange for you but i think that made it more rewarding for u too in the end.

Sarah's Story
To Ed - the best driving instructor Thank you for teaching all 3 of us to drive over the last few years and helping us pass our driving tests. Thank you for your patience and for not giving up on us. It's been a pleasure having you as our instructor and we'd recommend you to anyone.
Mark's Story
Having tried driving lessons in a manual car and not having much success!! I then found Ed who taught pupils in his Automatic Toyota Auris Hybrid, which is a great car to drive. With Ed's enthusiasm and encouragement i passed first time with only three minors. PS, I'm 55 years old and ridden motorbikes all my life, and didn't think I'd ever pass my driving test. I am so glad I took driving lessons with Ed, I can now put the bike away for the winter and drive my car instead. Chees Ed, many thanks mate.
Sue's Story
Ed has been very patient, a good coach, and a good listener as well! I passed 1st time with only one minor I couldn't have done it without his help. Highly recommended

Adriana's Story

Learning to drive seemed such an arduous task to me, given my age (I'd rather not say!) and my history of living in a country with traffic on the right. What looked impossible became possible under Ed's guidance & this is how I came to pass my driving test first time! I Still can't believe it!

Thank you Ed.

Mel's Story

"I passed my driving test 1st time with only 2 minors after only 12 weeks of lessons and I feel this is due to Ed at Automatic 1st Choice's guidance. Ed is extremely calm and patient yet able to see where I needed more encouragement with my driving. I am now a very confident driver and have no doubts in my driving ability.

Thank you very much Ed, I will be booking my Pass Plus with you in the next few weeks."

Tammy’s story

I would highly recommend Automatic 1st Choice, Ed is a great instructor, very calm, patient and very knowledgable and was definitely the reason I passed 1st time with 2 minors.

I can't thank him enough for giving me the courage and confidence to become a safe driver.

Glenn’s story

I had a short period of time with which to complete my driving test due to my return to the UK from working abroad in Saudi Arabia. After discussing with Ed it was decided that the 20 hour intensive course would bring me up to test standard in the period of time I had available. After 5 days from starting I had my test and passed first time around.

I would highly recommend this type of course to anyone on a tight schedule because it will help produce the best results in a short period of time. Thanks again Ed.

Andy’s story

Thank you Ed for helping passing my test, you have helped me build up my confidence and are a very understanding and patient tutor and are willing to help out at any time.

I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you for my new found freedom!

Paisley’s story

Your patience, dedication and, above all your ability to build confidence certainly with me, is the reason for my pass. Huge thank you for all you have done and for where you have got me today. Three driving instructors later and I finally found you and I genuinely mean it when I say I couldn't have done it with anybody else!

It's been a pleasure being your student

Alix’s story

The best car, the best instructor with the best outcome. I got a first time pass with 1 minor. I fully recommend Ed as a driving instructor.

Thank you so much!

Yeti’s story

With just 10 lessons and a first time pass, what's left to say?

Automatic 1st Choice has to be everybody's 1st choice.

Yeti H.

Ridma’s Story

I was always nervous about driving and never thought i would pass but Ed was a great driving instructor. He was always patient and calm and mostly made driving less scary.

Huge thank you to Ed.

Mairita's Story

I always thought that I will never drive as I was very nervous about driving, then I thought I will give it a try with taking lessons on automatic car with Ed. He was patient and calm and he would go through things as much as I needed and at my own speed. And thanks to him i have 1st time pass with 1 minor. Could not wish for better driving instructor.

I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn. Many thanks Ed for teaching me to drive!

Stacy’s Story

Being such a stubborn and nervous driver that I was, having Ed as my instructor was perfect he would always push me to get me to drive to my full potential. I had great fun learning with Ed and would highly recommend him to everyone. Ed was very patient and made my lessons enjoyable and effective.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Ed for teaching me.

Svetlana’s Story

It was a difficult time but with Ed helping I done it. I pass my driving test from first time with one minor. I would recommend Ed to learn driving with him.

Thanks so much.